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A Louisiana Vein Doctor Discusses the Most Common Vein Disease Treatment Misconceptions

If your answer to the question “What is vein disease” starts and stops at “Varicose veins,” you would be sadly mistaken. Yes, varicose veins are a part of the larger field of vein disease, but they are far from all of it. In fact, they aren’t even the disease itself; they’re a symptom of a deeper condition called chronic venous insufficiency, or CVI, which impairs the entire circulatory system.

And this is only one misconception that the general public has about vein disease – they are even more mistaken about how it is treated. Many remember stories told to them by their mothers, and think that varicose veins can only be removed via surgery, which has to be performed in a hospital under general anesthesia, and which involves long and painful recovery periods and potential scarring. None of this is true, and these stories prevent people from seeking treatment that they really need. In this article we’ll clear up a few of these misconceptions.

What you know about modern vein disease diagnosis and treatment

There have been marvelous advances in medical science since the “bad old days” described above. Vein disease diagnosis is now painless and non-invasive, using ultrasound to look beneath the surface of the skin to actually visualize blood flowing through the veins, and to pinpoint failures in the venous valves that indicate CVI, or blockages that indicate the presence of blood clots.

With regard to treatment itself, there have been even more important advances. Vein disease can be treated these days using minimally-invasive procedures that do not require hospitalization, and which are so painless that they don’t even require anesthesia, much less “recovery periods.” You can literally walk into the comfortable offices of our vein clinic in New Orleans with a vein problem, and walk out without it in about an hour.

Vein disease is neither a “woman’s disease” nor “merely cosmetic”

It is true that for hormonal reasons more women get vein disease than men, but this misconception prevents many of the 45% of men with vein disease from seeking treatment that they really need. And yes, it’s true that varicose veins are cosmetically unattractive, but there are many other reasons to seek treatment. Left untreated, these swollen and discolored veins don’t get better – they get worse, and can quickly become covered with open, bleeding leg ulcers that do not heal and that cause so much pain that you can no longer walk.

So what’s the real truth about vein disease and its treatment?

The truth about vein disease is that it is very much a real disease, and that there are many valid medical reasons why you should seek Covington vein treatment. And the truth about vein disease treatment is that modern methods make it fast, easy, and effective. Now that you know this, isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time to call Dr. Randall S. Juleff today at to schedule a venous health screening to find out what the state of your venous health really is? These screenings take only about an hour, and at the end of that time one of the best vein doctors in Covington will be able to explain to you how to treat your vein disease if you have it, and possibly more important, how to prevent it if you don’t.

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