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A New Orleans Metro Area Vascular Doctor Explains What a Day in the Life of a Vein Doctor Is Like

Dr. Randall S. Juleff, our founder and primary physician at La Bella Vita Laser and Vein Center, has cared for many, many patients during his 30+ years of experience. Triple-certified in Phlebology, General Surgery, and Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery, he has helped hundreds of patients with a wide range of vascular, thoracic, cardiac, and venous problems. In this article, we present a short “sneak peek” into the daily day of our New Orleans Metro Area vascular doctor.

What’s it like to be a New Orleans varicose veins specialist?

Daily life for Dr. Juleff is very much in tune with his philosophy as a doctor, dedicated to giving every patient who walks into his offices the best vein care possible. But while specialized procedures such as sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy, and endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) take up some of his daily practice, these treatments represent only a portion of the work he actually does.

A good deal of his time, for example, is devoted to patient education. This is necessary because there is SO much misinformation about vein disease that Dr. Juleff feels an obligation to counteract it with real facts when speaking with his patients or writing articles for this website. Many patients, for example, still feel that varicose veins are harmless and primarily a “cosmetic problem,” which leads them to put off having their varicose veins treated. Dr. Juleff tries to educate his patients about the dangers of doing so, and lets them know that left untreated, varicose veins can quickly escalate to the point that they can become unable to walk or stand for more than a few minutes, and become effectively disabled.

Patient education is often needed to help patients prevent vein disease

Another aspect of what Dr. Juleff does is to provide counseling and advice to patients who come in for a venous health screening. Many don’t actually have varicose veins or other vein diseases yet, but as a result of his examination Dr. Juleff knows that they have a very high risk of developing it in the future. So with these patients Dr. Juleff works to prevent varicose veins by helping patients reduce risks posed to their vein health by smoking, by being overweight, by inactivity and sitting too much, and by other lifestyle choices.

This is one of the most fulfilling aspects of Dr. Juleff’s work. Many people may think that the biggest satisfaction a vein doctor gets from his work comes from being able to treat and cure a vein disease, but almost more satisfying is being able to work with patients to keep them from getting the diseases in the future.

Ongoing education is not just for Dr. Juleff’s patients…it’s for him, too

Attending seminars and ongoing training sessions to keep up with the latest advances in vein disease treatment is a vitally important part of being a vein doctor, because the only way to offer the best treatment possible is by staying abreast of all the latest changes in the field.

So as you can see, there are many different aspects to being a vascular doctor in New Orleans. But all have to do with providing the best vein care possible for his patients. If you’d like to become one of them, please give us a call or go online to request an appointment and arrange for an initial consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

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