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A New Orleans Vein Treatment Specialist Explains Why Vein Disease Treatments Are the Breakthroughs o

If you were to ask most people to name important breakthroughs in medical science, few would mention the treatment of vein disease. But the truth is that some of the most important advances in medical technology in recent decades have taken place in the area of vein health diagnosis and treatment.  Our New Orleans vein treatment center explains more below.

Presenting a “Before and After” snapshot of vein disease treatment

If you look back only a couple of decades, the majority of vein diseases remained undiagnosed, because doctors were unable to look beneath the skin to find them. Diseases with superficial symptoms like varicose veins were treated with invasive surgery, by making incisions in the skin and scraping away the damaged veins. All of this involved hospitalization, anesthesia, and long recovery periods.

These days most vein diseases can be treated in the same comfortable doctors’ offices in which they are diagnosed, using minimally-invasive technologies that require no surgery, no anesthesia, and that allow the patient to walk out of the office after a short treatment session, with their varicose veins removed. These technological advances impact over 26 million Americans who have varicose veins. And this breakthrough “After” picture is even more important when talking about a vein disease like deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can be deadly.

What technological advances do we use to help our patients?

One of the most important breakthroughs in vein disease treatment is the use of ultrasound technology. Using it, New Orleans vein treatment doctors can now look beneath the skin to diagnose vein problems and pinpoint the exact location of blockages and diseases so they can be treated. Doppler ultrasound technology is an even more important breakthrough when dealing with diseases like DVT, because the doctors can use it to visualize the blood actually flowing through the veins, something they would have been unable to do a few years ago.

Once your Louisiana vein doctor has located the source of vein problems using ultrasound, he uses it again during treatment to precisely guide a number of minimally-invasive treatment methodologies. “Minimally-invasive” means that there is no need to perform invasive surgery to treat problems beneath the skin. Instead, the doctors can insert tiny needles directly into the veins and guide them using ultrasound to the precise location where an application of a sealing foam (schlerotherapy) or a short blast from a laser (endovenous laser treatment) can correct the problem. The resulting treatment is more accurate, and corrects diseased or damaged tissues without disturbing the neighboring tissues.

This is a significant safety breakthrough, because it means no hospitalization, no anesthesia, and no lengthy recovery periods. But it’s a convenience and lifestyle breakthrough as well, because you can walk in our New Orleans vein treatment center and walk out again an hour or so later with these problems resolved forever. So take advantage of these advances in vein disease diagnosis and treatment today by calling our offices.

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