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A Vein Clinic in New Orleans Explains Why Vein Disease Is Not Just a Cosmetic Problem

As a Louisiana vein doctor, I often experience a sense of déjà vu when meeting patients for the first time. The reason is that many of them come in complaining of some pretty drastic symptoms – their legs and ankles are chronically swollen, and their legs are so tired and weak that they’ve given up sports, dancing, and other forms of exercise. Some are finding it difficult to even walk. I examine them, find evidence of varicose veins that have obviously been present for months if not years, and ask, “Why are you just coming to see me now? Why haven’t you sought vein treatment in New Orleans earlier?”

The déjà vu occurs because all too often the answer is the same: “I didn’t want to have cosmetic surgery.” The purpose of this article is to make the point that varicose veins are NOT “just a cosmetic problem,” and that having them treated properly is NOT what they think of as “cosmetic surgery.”

Varicose veins are ugly, but their real danger is much deeper, and hidden

Yes, there is no question about it…varicose veins are unattractive, and thus a cosmetic problem for many people. Who, after all, wants to look in a mirror and see their once-beautiful legs covered with swollen, discolored veins? Who wants to have to wear long pants and dark stockings all the time just to cover them up? And modern New Orleans vein treatment can eliminate the swollen veins, and give these people back the lives they’ve put “on hold” for months or years. Why would they resist treatment that can do this?

Strangely enough, it’s because of decades of too little information (and actual misinformation) about vein disease that has characterized varicose veins as ONLY a “cosmetic problem.” Thus these patients have come to believe that varicose vein removal is “cosmetic surgery,” and they have prejudices about “the kind of people who indulge in cosmetic surgery.”

First, there should be no prejudice against cosmetic surgery, because in many cases it can be life-transforming, and completely positive. But second and more important, varicose vein removal doesn’t just cure a cosmetic problem, it is the best treatment available for a serious and debilitating disease.

The disease that causes varicose veins also causes damage to your health

Chronic venous insufficiency, or CVI, is a serious disease that – left untreated – causes ALL of the extreme symptoms listed in the first paragraph above. And the best way to eliminate this disease is to completely remove the swollen veins that are its surface symptoms. Doing this not only improves your appearance, it improves your overall health.

Why varicose vein removal is not “cosmetic surgery”

State-of-the-art treatments such as sclerotherapy and endovenous laser therapy are not technically “surgery” in the conventional sense, because they are minimally invasive. They require no deep incisions, and in most cases involve little more than a “pin prick” as the doctor inserts a tiny needle into the diseased veins themselves, and then uses the technologies above to collapse the veins and make them fade away.

The benefits of having them removed are far from only cosmetic. Within days, the bulging veins will be gone, but so will the swollen legs and ankles and tired legs that they have been causing. Varicose vein removal improves your overall health. It also eliminates the greatest risk that untreated varicose veins pose to you, a highly increased risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

So stop thinking of vein disease treatment as “just cosmetic”

Think of it instead as a way to restore your circulatory – and thus overall – health. Give us a call at and let the experts at our vein clinic in New Orleans explain to you why you should seek treatment NOW.

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