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A Vein Specialist in New Orleans Presents “Vein Disease 101,” an Introduction to What Vein Disease I

If you remember back to your college days, the courses numbered “101” were always the “intro” courses to any particular academic study. They would provide an overview of what that field or discipline was about, so you could figure out whether you wanted to take more advanced courses and learn more. In today’s article by a leading vein specialist in New Orleans, we’ll take a shot at creating such an “intro” course for vein disease.

What vein disease IS

First, contrary to popular opinion, it’s a real disease. A real set of diseases, actually, but all of them are very real. Heck, some of them can even be fatal, that’s how real they are. And even if the complications of vein disease don’t become serious enough to threaten your life, they can cause physical pain, suffering, and disability, and more mental anguish and depression than anyone should ever have to deal with.

Vein disease itself – the phenomena that cause veins to become diseased – is almost always hidden beneath the surface of the skin. The most common of these hidden causes is called chronic venous insufficiency, or CVI, and happens when the tiny valves that control blood flow back to the heart become “leaky” and allow blood to flow backwards and pool in the veins. This causes veins to swell and become varicose (and often to appear on the surface of the skin), but it also impairs your overall circulation and causes side effects such as painfully swollen legs and ankles, chronically tired and weak legs, and in some cases open, bleeding sores called leg ulcers that refuse to heal with normal treatment.

Another type of vein disease (deep vein thrombosis or DVT) causes blood clots to grow in your veins. This is potentially much more serious, and can even become life threatening.

What vein disease is NOT

First, it’s NOT “just a women’s disease,” as so many people think it is – 40% of men over 60 also suffer from some form of vein disease. Second, it’s NOT “just cosmetic,” something that is unattractive but doesn’t do any harm. Vein disease does a great deal of harm, from causing some of the conditions discussed above to increasing your likelihood of obesity, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.

Third, it’s NOT something you can safely ignore. Vein disease does NOT “get better on its own” or just “go away” if you ignore it – it gets worse.

Fourth – and finally some good news – vein disease is NOT the end of the world. Modern non-invasive diagnostic techniques allow your vein specialist in New Orleans to find even the most hidden of vein diseases quickly and painlessly, and modern minimally-invasive treatment techniques allow them to eliminate the diseases quickly, easily, and in the comfort of our Covington vein clinic. No hospitals, no invasive surgery, no general anesthesia, and no scarring or long recovery periods are needed, because there is nothing to recover from.

The reality of vein disease treatment these days is that you can walk into the best New Orleans vein treatment center with vein disease, have it eliminated during your lunch hour, and walk out and return to work. It really IS that simple.

So now that I’ve had the “intro course,” how do I find out more?

Well, you could spend some time looking over the articles we have placed on our website. There we go into more depth on the diseases themselves and the state-of-the-art techniques we use to eliminate them. Or you could simply pick up your phone and call our vein specialist in New Orleans or go and schedule an initial consultation. We will take things from there, and if vein disease is present, help you to pick the treatment options that are best for you. If we don’t find vein disease, we can actually help you with tips to keep you healthy and keep it from ever appearing.

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