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A Vein Clinic in New Orleans Presents the Layperson’s Guide to Varicose Veins

Part of our job as Louisiana vein doctors is to provide ongoing patient education to improve people’s understand of varicose veins and other forms of vein disease. Not only can you call us at our vein clinic in New Orleans but on our website, we try to do this using the most clear and easy-to-understand language possible, but […]

A Louisiana Vein Doctor Explains 10 Things You Should Know About Veins

On this website, our Louisiana vein doctor, Dr. Randall S. Juleff and his associates at our vein clinic in Covington write about veins a lot. Vein disease and its treatment is, after all, our primary medical specialty, and we write about it to educate the general public. Today, rather than focusing on a particular vein […]

A Louisiana Vein Doctor On “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” of Vein Disease

Given the incredible advances that have taken place in recent years in the area of diagnosing and treating circulatory disorders, there is very little reason why vein disease should still be as prevalent as it is. Most diseases of the veins can now be definitively diagnosed in less than an hour, and if present, can […]

A Louisiana Vein Doctor Discusses the Most Common Vein Disease Treatment Misconceptions

If your answer to the question “What is vein disease” starts and stops at “Varicose veins,” you would be sadly mistaken. Yes, varicose veins are a part of the larger field of vein disease, but they are far from all of it. In fact, they aren’t even the disease itself; they’re a symptom of a deeper condition called chronic venous […]