According to the best vein doctors in Louisiana, vein disease grows worse as time goes on. With prompt treatment, issues such as spider veins and varicose veins are unlikely to lead to serious complications. However, if left alone these problems have the potential to lead to serious (and potentially fatal) complications.

The sluggish blood flow associated with venous insufficiency creates an environment conducive to blood clot formation. Particularly worrisome is deep vein thrombosis, a condition in which blood clots form in veins deep inside the leg. These clots have the potential to break off of the vein wall and travel through the blood stream. If this occurs the clot is known as an embolism. Embolisms can cause a number of serious (and potentially fatal) complications, including strokes and pulmonary embolism. Hundreds of thousands of people die from embolisms in the United States every year.

Skin changes are another consequence of untreated vein disease. Leaky veins allow blood to pool near the skin’s surface. As this blood breaks down it can cause discoloration in the surrounding skin. The skin may also become taut and easily punctured. Should a wound occur it may become a poorly healing ulcer. Ulcers are unsightly, potentially painful, and if caused by venous insufficiency may not heal without treatment.

Though the consequences of untreated vein disease are serious, there is good news: Covington varicose vein doctors can address problematic veins quickly, safely, and comfortably. Dr. Randall Juleff is highly experienced in the latest vein treatment technologies. These minimally invasive treatments address vein disease at its root, allowing you to enjoy healthier, better looking legs. Today’s vein treatments are virtually pain-free and require minimal downtime, allowing you to protect your veins without unnecessary discomfort or hassle. Contact us to learn more about how the treatments we offer can help you.



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