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One of the Best Vein Doctors in Louisiana Asks: “Are Varicose Veins Your Weakest Link?”

From the perspective of the best vein doctors in Louisiana, when it comes to maintaining a state of good health, most patients’ “weakest link” is the condition or risk factor that they don’t pay enough attention to, because they don’t think they need to. For many, that “weakest link” is their varicose veins.Many people, for example, have been trying to “live with” their varicose veins for so long that they have come to believe that they’re inevitable, “just something that happens with age.” Others know that their parents and grandparents had varicose veins and never did anything about them, so they believe that they don’t have to, either. In this article, we’ll deal with some of these misconceptions.A test – if you have varicose veins, have you noticed other symptoms?

For example, if you are one of those people who have been putting off seeing a New Orleans vein specialist because you believe that they are “just” swollen veins, and thus “just” a cosmetic concern, have you noticed that you often also experience swollen legs and ankles? Or feelings of tiredness or weakness in your legs that make it difficult to walk or stand for long periods of time?

These symptoms are direct side effects of varicose veins, and are the result of the underlying vein disease that causes them, chronic venous insufficiency. CVI is a circulatory abnormality that prevents blood from flowing properly back to your heart and lungs, and instead allows it to accumulate in your lower extremities. The result is increased pressure on your veins, an inability to prevent fluid buildup, and weakness due to the muscles not getting the nutrients they need. Left untreated, these symptoms can become so painful that they lead to disability.

If you’ve experienced these symptoms, they’re probably caused by CVI

And that’s only the start of the Bad News for your overall health, because the same vein disease that causes these symptoms is also busy weakening your immune system and increasing your risk of developing other conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity.

So how can you tell for sure if your varicose veins are impairing your health?

Fortunately, there is a simple answer to this question – contact your local Covington varicose vein doctor, and schedule a venous health screening. These checkups take only about an hour, and are completely painless and non-invasive, but they allow your vein doctor to determine the exact state of your vein health, and thus the impact it may be having on your overall health. So take a proactive step towards protecting your health today, and call Dr. Randall S. Juleff.

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