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The Benefits of Seeing a Covington Varicose Vein Doctor for Vein Treatment

Many different people have felt the same sinking feeling when they notice spider or varicose veins on their legs. The thing that differs is the way each person deals with this new information. Some choose to ignore it, assuming it is merely a cosmetic issue. Others take the time to seek out a Covington varicose vein doctor. We encourage you to choose the second option.

Why should Louisiana residents see a vein specialist for treatment?

Dismissing varicose veins as simply a cosmetic concern often leads to more worrisome symptoms later on. While varicosities are certainly unsightly and may be uncomfortable, they are actually merely symptoms of an underlying disease: chronic venous insufficiency. When a vein is insufficient it is no longer able to effectively transport blood out of the extremities and back to the heart. Fluids are allowed to leak backwards into the vein below, causing bulging varicose veins. If left unaddressed, this backflow may also lead to a number of potentially serious complications, such as blood clots and ulcerations on the leg and ankle.

This is where a vein specialist in New Orleans comes in. Vein doctors (such as Dr. Randall S. Juleff) are highly experienced in diagnosing and treating diseases of the veins. Modern vein treatment addresses insufficient veins in a minimally invasive manner, restoring healthy blood flow without unnecessary hassle or discomfort.

One of the many benefits of seeing a Louisiana vein doctor is being able to take advantage of their diagnostic services. Your doctor may run a number of tests to determine the root cause of your circulation issues. These tests may include a painless, non-invasive ultrasound. This screening creates a picture of your venous structures, allowing your doctor to understand where problematic vessels lie.

Another benefit of seeking out a vein doctor is having access to targeted educational resources. Looking for information online gives you a “one size fits all” experience. Working with a vein doctor, on the other hand, gives you access to information specific to your circumstances. Your doctor will go over your family history and current lifestyle with you. Once he has a better understanding of your needs he can give you individualized recommendations. You’ll save time and effort by only pursuing the lifestyle changes that are appropriate for your situation.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of seeing a Covington varicose vein doctor is access to surgical vein treatment. Today’s minimally invasive vein treatments address circulation issues quickly and safely. Your doctor will discuss your choices with you and advise you on which forms of treatment will best suit your circumstances. Many vein doctors, including Dr. Juleff, are certified to perform such treatments, allowing you to work with the same doctor from start to finish. In the end you’ll have healthier, better looking legs without undue discomfort or time.

Vein specialists have the knowledge and experience necessary to carry out treatment for a number of vein issues. Seeing a vein doctor for treatment eliminates the risk of complications from untreated vessels. We encourage you to reach out to a vein doctor promptly if you notice any symptoms of vein disease. We would love to discuss the topic with you further: get in touch with La Bella Vita Laser and Vein Center to learn more.

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