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The Best Vein Doctor in Louisiana Clears Up Top Myths about Vein Disease Treatment

In ancient times, a myth was a story that wasn’t really true, but was told to uplift people and teach important principles. In our age, a myth is more likely to be a collection of untrue stories and misconceptions that – instead of uplifting and having a positive value – often harm people who believe these myths to be true. An example of such a myth was that smoking cigarettes wasn’t harmful; believing in that myth has killed literally millions of people in the last century.

Vein disease is a field of medical science that is unfortunately full of myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings. This is dangerous because over 25% of Americans suffer from some sort of vein disease, but only a fraction of them seek treatment. In this article, the best vein doctor in Louisiana provides a few facts to clear up the myths.

What are the most common myths about vein disease and its treatment?

  • Vein disease isn’t a real disease. In our practice as Louisiana vein doctors, this is the myth we hear most often. New patients often tell us they believe that varicose veins are a “merely cosmetic” problem and that there is no need to seek treatment for them. This is not only untrue, it is dangerously untrue – vein disease can cause pain, disability and even death.
  • Vein disease is limited to varicose veins and spider veins. Again, this is dangerously untrue. Another common form of vein disease – deep vein thrombosis or DVT – causes over 300,000 deaths per year.
  • Varicose veins only affect the elderly. Not true. People as young as 16 develop varicose veins, and they are very common in women in their 20s and 30s who have given birth.
  • Vein disease is “only a woman’s disease.” Another untruth, one that keeps the 45% of men over 60 who have vein disease from seeking treatment.
  • Vein disease treatment is painful, requires weeks to recover from, and leaves scars. This myth is based on how varicose veins and other vein diseases used to be treated, back in the “bad old days” only a few decades ago. At that time, the only option for permanent varicose vein removal was a surgical procedure called “vein stripping,” about which all of these beliefs were – sadly – true. Modern vein disease treatments are minimally invasive, leave no scars, require no “recovery period,” and are so fast that they can actually be performed in your doctor’s office on your lunch break.
  • Removal of varicose veins and spider veins is “merely cosmetic.” While it is true that having your swollen veins removed can radically improve your appearance, the real reason
  • New Orleans metro area vascular doctors recommend vein removal is that it improves your health. Untreated varicose veins greatly increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.
  • Vein disease treatment is unnecessary. Many people believe that they can safely ignore their varicose veins or other forms of vein disease beneath long pants and dark stockings, and that nothing bad will happen as a result. Sadly, this is untrue. Untreated varicose veins don’t go away or get better on their own—they get worse. So much worse, in fact, that they can lead to disability.
  • The real truth about vein disease is that it is very much a real disease, and that there are many valid medical reasons why you should see a vein specialist in New Orleans if you suspect you suffer from it. Modern screenings to detect vein disease are non-invasive and painless and take only about an hour. If problems are found, they can in most cases be treated and eliminated in about the same amount of time, equally painlessly, and with no need to go to a hospital.

So don’t risk your health by believing in the myths you hear about vein disease treatment. Instead, pick up your phone and call the best vein doctor in Covington, Dr. Randall S. Juleff, and schedule an appointment for a vein health screening.

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