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Top Myths About Louisiana Vein Doctors

When you’re dealing with varicose veins, swollen calves and ankles, or painful, achy legs, who do you turn to for help? For many people, the answer is “a vein specialist in New Orleans.” When someone visits our vein center complaining of vein disease symptoms, we’re able to provide safe, effective, and comfortable care, resulting in healthier and better looking legs.

But not everyone seeks out a vein specialist in response to their vein disease symptoms. Instead of receiving treatment, they keep living with uncomfortable legs and an increased risk of dangerous complications. Part of the reason they don’t get the treatment they need is due to common myths about Louisiana vein doctors. We’ve cleared up a few of these persistent myths below.

Common myths about Louisiana vein doctors

Myth #1: My vein disease is not a big deal, so I don’t need a doctor for it. While you might be able to cover up spider veins or early-stage varicose veins with a pair of long pants, if you allow these symptoms to linger they can become much more serious. Vein disease tends to grow worse over time, and without treatment you could find yourself suffering from skin ulcers, dangerous blood clots, and legs and ankles so swollen and painful that walking can become difficult.

Myth #2: I can get all the help I need from my general practitioner. Your general practitioner is a fantastic resource for many things, including determining whether the symptoms you’re experiencing are related to your veins. However, you can’t get the treatment you need without a Mandeville varicose vein doctor. Unlike your general practitioner, vein doctors have additional training in vein health and treatment that provides them with a deeper understanding of the vascular system. You need this expertise to get the treatment you need.

Myth #3: Only women need to see vein doctors. You might believe that varicose veins and other vein disease symptoms are something that only women experience. While it is true that women are more likely to suffer from vein disease than men, men can and do experience issues in their veins. The best Mandeville vein doctors are just as adept at treating men as women, making it important to see a vein specialist regardless of your gender.

Myth #4: Vein doctors are all the same. If you approach the task of picking a vein doctor with the attitude that they all have the same skills, qualifications, and access to technology, you’re mistaken. While all qualified vein doctors have a high level of education in how veins work and how best to treat them, there is variation from doctor to doctor in the types of conditions they have the most experience treating. Some vein doctors might specialize in certain types of treatment, making it important to look for doctors that have experience with your particular condition. It’s also important to remember that vein doctors are people too, and each doctor and vein center will have a unique personality and atmosphere. Therefore, you can and should try to find a doctor whose personality matches well with your own.

Finding the right vein doctor to address your problematic veins is much easier when you have all the facts. If you’re ready to take steps to get rid of your varicose veins, give La Bella Vita Laser and Vein Center a call. We’ll help you set up an appointment so you can get to know Dr. Randall S. Juleff, our vascular surgeon, and get to work on finding solutions for your varicose veins.

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