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What Your Louisiana Vein Doctor Knows About Vein Disease Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Medical knowledge is constantly advancing, and there are few fields that have advanced as quickly in the last few years as the treatment of vein disease. Only a few years ago the procedure to remove varicose veins involved checking in to a hospital, undergoing general anesthesia and invasive surgery, and literally have your swollen veins scraped out with a scalpel. These days, the procedure is so fast and painless that you can have your varicose veins removed in the comfort of your doctor’s office on your lunch hour, and then go back to work.

What you need to know about the symptoms of vein disease

The most noticeable vein disease symptoms are varicose veins and spider veins, of course, but not only are they are not the only symptoms, in many patients they don’t appear until vein disease has already become deeply established. Other common symptoms include swollen legs and ankles and chronically weak, tired, and heavy legs. These symptoms can be accompanied by so much pain and discomfort that one can no longer walk or stand for more than a few minutes. More serious symptoms can include skin ulcers and the formation of blood clots.

One important thing to know about vein disease symptoms, however, is that they aren’t always present, so the only way to know whether you have vein disease for sure is to visit our New Orleans vein clinic and have a venous health screening. These screenings are fast and non-invasive, and use technologies like Doppler ultrasound to determine the exact state of your vascular health.

What causes vein disease?

There is no one definitive cause of vein disease. Instead, there are a number of risk factors that increase one’s likelihood of developing it. Some of these risk factors you can’t do anything about, such as your age, your gender, and whether your parents and grandparents had vein disease. Other risk factors that you can do something about include smoking, being overweight, and leading a sedentary lifestyle. When you seek vein treatment in New Orleans, your doctor can help you to reduce these risk factors and hopefully prevent vein disease before it has a chance to happen.

If you have vein disease, don’t worry – it can be treated easily and painlessly

The minimally-invasive treatments we provide are the most advanced available anywhere. They are so pain-free that most patients don’t even ask for a local anesthetic, and they are so gentle that you can literally walk out of our offices and return to work or home immediately after they are finished. But the results are effective and permanent, so if you’re tired of your varicose veins and of feeling tired and sluggish all the time, you should give us a call and let our Louisiana Vein Doctor help to improve your appearance and your health.

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